A New Couture Designer has Arrived at Last and the Fashion Police are Loving Catriona Hanly

As an Irish woman living in the uk I just love to read about other Irish people doing well in London or anywhere in the world that they may be, it can be such a big move for anyone,, but seemingly not so for Irish Fashion Designer Catriona Hanly, who is settling in quite well into #London Living  and on top of that is now been talked about in the #Couture Circles of the #Fashion #World and I have to say I am not surprised.

As a fashion Stylist I have to say I am so in Love with Catriona’s Collections, her Designs are not what are normally seen on the catwalks these days,, everyone plays it safe with their designs,, what ever happened to the daring spectacular designs of years ago, With Catriona I see inspiration, daring to let out the creations that cause heads to turn and I love it,, there is noting like it on the fashion world stages, Catriona Hanly has opened up the doors again of Brilliance of the mind in Fashion and Design and I congratulate her.

The little village in Ireland where Catriona hanly grew up in Roscommon are celebrating one of their own these days, It seems these little villages have hidden gems that keep leaping at us just when we don’t expect it,, Well look at Philip Tracey!! world renowned Milliner he was born and raised in a little village not too far from where Catriona Hanly was raised in Roscommon/ Philip was raised in co Galway on the Border of Co Roscommon,

Catriona has been making her mark in the Design world for quite some time now with her Jewellery and Interior Designs  of which can be seen in some of the most beautiful castles in Ireland such as Kilronan Castle and Lough Rynn

Irish Couture Designer Catriona Hanly

Catriona Hanly pictured above

The #Catriona Hanly #Jewellery Designs are worn by celebrities world wide so Her name has always been there in the back ground of fashion, However, Catriona always loved Fashion, her passion with fabrics and textiles had her secretly planning her first collection, then in Jan of 2015 Catriona Hanly completely took the Couture Fashion World unawares when she  launched her Spring Summer collection and set all the tongues wagging,  In Feb Catriona found her self in LA with the House of iKons showing to some of the top TV & Film Stars of the world, to say her designs caused a frenzy of delight would be an understatement, The name Catriona Hanly Designs is now on the tip of every ones tongue in LA,

But that was not enough for Catriona Hanly, Her Autum Winter Collection 2015 was about to hit the #catwalks and the #press waited with anticipation to see what Catriona was going to release to the world, And in true Catriona Hanly style she did not disappoint, her Autumn Winter collection was launched and again the press were alight on it,, the feed back is Catriona Hanly designs are astonishing, amazing, out of this world, unique,brave, daring, and bold, I have a name for them, Confident fashion,  Catriona Hanly is the new Couture and is very much here to stay and rise up to world recognition, See the press clipping below these all happened in the space of a few days, Catriona is featured in so many news papers, magazines, blogs, its just amazing, ohh and lets jump on the Hot Press, yes Catriona was featured in this months Hot Press, well after all she is Hot Press and definitely one to watch,, New York Watch out, Catriona Hanly is on her way over. The press you see below is not all that has been published in the last few weeks, I just could not fit it all in here 🙂

Catriona Hanly is now based in London where she has set up the House of CH, Catriona is passionate about supporting charities and is  involved with many Uk Charities for some time now, including Breast cancer Uk, Cancer Care uk, Alzheimer’s society and the Hope foundation to name but a few, if you would like to view the Catriona Hanly Autum/Winter 15 collection please visit www.catrionahanly.com





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Catriona Hanly Sunday Business post

  Catriona Hanly Sunday Business post

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