Fashion Stakes Getting It Right For The Races

And there off, the stakes are high, the bets are hopefully well placed and the fillies are well groomed, ready to run the race and may the best horse win, Now that’s the horses but what about you? are you ready to go racing?

I live in a location were horse racing is all around me in West Berkshire, the Newbury race course is only a few minutes from me, then you have Ascot, and Windsor,  Then on top of that there are so many racing stables at my back door, from Geoffrey Deacon Racing, Mick Channon, Joe Tute, to  Hughie Morrison along with a lot of famous Jockeys living in the vicinity,

When I arrived in West Berkshire I was astounded by the scenery, it is breathtakingly Beautiful, the colours that met me in the wide open fields ranged from beautiful greens of all shades to the stunning yellows of the rapeseed plantations, along with the wildlife that roams freely, (can be hazardous when driving so you have to be careful) the amount of horse training gallops dotted around is just amazing, of course you have the stunning architecture of the beautiful red brick farm houses that are like something out of Harry Potter movie.

When it comes to Fashion the ladies of West Berkshire know their stuff, Racing is in their blood so they know the styles that have existed and passed down through the generations before them, the correct etiquette of ladies day styles as they say,

Now I am aware that may sound very old school, however Ladies day is Ladies Day and for that reason one has to accept that there is a style to follow.

Yes, there can be serious money laid out on Ladies day outfits, but you can do it all on a budget, no matter what you have to spend it all boils down to how you wear what you wear, certain lengths, how much of you is shown, yes how much skin are you showing,

Hot pants, short skits without stockings, bare shoulders and legs all revealing way too  much, Of course you may not be entering the ladies day prize, however you still have a duty of style when attending any race day.

Ok you may think I am being a prude on this, but the rules of a Lady are set for generations and I like them, That does not mean I can not wear a Jumpsuit from the high street as it is classed as a pants, or a little summer dress from Premark, I can wear all of the above, its how I dress the outfits, how classy can I turn myself out in these outfits.

So saying that ladies day outfits are very expensive are not well informed.

I visited a boutique in Newbury called Phase 8, Beautiful styles to suit all shapes and sizes and very reasonable, Ranging from £55 to £200 I got a beautiful nude lace dress with an under slip on sale for £55, I can wear this dress anywhere, it is knee length & very feminine, If I was to put a nice hat on with this dress and a hand bag I can tell you it would have a good chance at the races Ladies selection,

You can go for more expensive outfits if that is your think, however Look at the photo attached of Beautiful  Duchess Kate Middleton, This young lady is going to set fashion trends for decades to come, And her outfits can range from High Street to Designer, This Young Lady knows her own style, she knows what does and does not look good on her, always classy even when relaxing, so Keep an eye on her in the press and see how she does it, This girl does not go for designer prices, she is savvy and it makes no difference that she now has a good allowance for her clothes, kate, still buys what she wants and she knows exactly what she wants and the high street stores love her for it.

I run style days every week for groups of ladies which includes time for shopping, getting it right is all about knowing your own body type, accepting your character traits and complementing them, not trying to dress for others, or trying to copy an image from a magazine if it is not meant for your shape. its an education in its self however it is a style education that will stay with you for every.


If you would like to have a style day out with your friends and learn all the secrets of shopping for beautiful pieces on a budget then do get in touch,


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