RIP Sir Terry Wogan A True Irish Gent & Uk National Treasure

Today we say a very sad fairwell to Mr Terry Wogan, one of TV & radio’s National Treasures of Ireland & England, A True Irish Gentleman and Character who was adored by Millions.

he brought Laughter, Joy, inspiration and an unrivaled Huge Personality into the homes of Millions throughout his career on the airwaves.

Its widely known all over the world that the Irish have the gift of the Gab and has been said we all must have Kissed the #BlarneyStone we talk that much, and we of  course know how to have the #Craic with our conversations, some say we can make a light hearted joke of any negative situation.

Many Irish people have gone on to make careers out of this witty character type of being able to talk our way in and out of situations very quickly and one just has to look at the famous commedians and chat show hosts around the globe to see this is quite true, if you have Irish Blood in you then you have the gift of the gab.

Mr Terry Wogan, Born in Limerick Ireland in 1938 #RadioLedgend and Most loved media  personality made his career using his Irish Charm and happy character to connect with so many people using the airwaves, he had this knack of coming out with one liners that would just have you in stitches but could also show great empathy when needed,  People shared so many stories with him on the airwaves and he was so grateful to his fans and followers, For many years he was welcomed into their homes at the start of their day, he became part of of their families so of course his passing will be mourned greatly,

Both nations Ireland & Uk will hold a beautiful thought today for Terry Wogan and his Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends today,, May you RIP Terry wogan, Nations morne you today but also celebrate in the memories you played in creating for all of us.


Mr Terry Wogan passed away on the 31/01/2016


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