Staying A Breast of Things With The Digital Age The Perfect Fitting Bra

A long day over, I come home, kick off the high heels and get changed into the lazy clothes, take up my computer to read & reply to some emails, Nothing unusual there, however something catches my eye, A notification from a colleague asking me if I have seen the latest news in Bra fittings?

Of course I am curious, I am a bra fitter and like to keep A Breast of things so to speak and stay up to date on all that is happing in the Lingerie & breast care world, or as I sometimes call it the Underworld.

So, I click on the link and I am brought to a headline “It’s so much more than a bra”  I’m curious to find out what this headline actually means, so I click,, I am brought to a story in the USA where someone has developed a Digitalised Bra Measuring system or Digital Bra for short,  Can it be true??

(The Digital Bra – the perfect fit –  a contemporary designer bra that is customised for you – made specifically for you – taking over 120 measurements in a safe environment – in your home using a highly secure App where you image is never uploaded onto our servers only the data of your measurements – so we can produce the perfect fit bra for you – because you and your breasts deserve NOTHING less! )

So, it seems a young lady called Judy van Niekerk has invented the digital bra measuring App, Yes thats right an App to measure your breast in over a 120 ways to get you the exact measurement to ensure you get the perfect fitting bra made specially for you,  it also seems no more measuring tapes, no more going to the store to be measured, Interesting concept and I am all up for new technology to improve things for us women. I mean with all the things we have to go through in our daily lives getting a bra fitting is not always on the top of the agenda, although every woman knows she really should have regular fittings she tends to ignore it unless she has too do it,, I am going to keep an eye on this topic for the future,, as far as i can see it is still in the fundraising stage of manufacturing, If this digital app does what it says it does it will be a huge asset to women all over the world, There is just one question,, will all bra manufacturing companies use the technology to make the bra’s?? can you see a company going ahead and making a profit from making just one bra at a time for individual clients rather than mass production? 

As a post designer and a manufacturer of Lingerie of Bra’s, Yes I too did design bra’s and have worked with many companies giving my feedback and advice,, I know that in manufacturing that every time you change the size or the design the whole template has to be changed on the production line, time is money, Will this bra be available and accessible to the ordinary woman  on a budget?


Like all things new there will be questions to be asked, But I have to say I am looking forward to seeing this Digitalised Measuring system being trialled, Will I be hanging up my measuring tape? I don’t think so but Watch this space ladies for further updates,


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