The Secret Is Out for UK Natural Antiageing Skincare company Salix Alba

A few months ago I was asked if I would test a Skin care product called Salix Alba, 

Now I get asked to try a lot of products every week but I chose not too as most of them are tested on animals or have chemicals in them that have been proven NOT to be beneficial to us and our health, Also the fact that I have very sensitive skin, it tends to react to almost everything so trying products is not always good however when I check for ingredients in the skin care I always make sure that they are are close to natural as possible,, sometimes this can be very expensive when sourcing natural products, but not so for Natural Anti Ageing Skincare  Salix Alba.

With all the hype of late on #paraben’s and the damage that this #chemical can do to us I am very cautious with checking labels, did you know that over 85% of skin care products contain #Parabens?, shampoo’s and in some deodorants and antiperspirants, #Parabens are a preservative and can feature in many water based products so of course I am going to check the labels to see if there are chemicals in it.

When I received the  Salix Alba skin care range I was a bit sceptical, made with spring water and has a natural Salicin in it, How many of you know what Salicin is? its  naturally produced in nature and can come from trees, the type that comes from trees is partly used for what we know today as Asprin. howver synthetic Salicin is used in many products but to me it is still Synthetic,,, not like what I found in the Salix Alba #Skin Care, the difference is this #Salicin is #natually found in a spring in the UK, it is rare and only comes from one particular spring, up around the lake district.

I am sure all of you know that the body is made up of #Water and salt and a few other bits, in essence your body #dehydrates every few hours of the day as it loses water, and as any expert will tell you the best way of keeping your skin looking good is Water, best #anti #ageing product there is, If you keep dehydrating then your skin will dry out and age.

I am sure you will agree that makes sense, Well on the note a very kind scientist told me years ago if you can drink lots of water and use water based creams on your skin you will keep your skin fresh and it will be able to fight the elements.

Salix Alba is water based but is also all Natural,, not one chemical in it, Completly Paraben free, Not tested on animals and is made right here in the UK in the lake district,, So what’s the secret to the Salix Alba and why are the celebs using it,,

I know why I am using it, My skin feels totally refreshed, the lines are eased out after only a few weeks of using the creams, I am totally in love with Salix Alba and would highly recommend it for you to try as soon as you can get your hands on it,, one other point to get across here is that I am alergic to so many products and have very sensetive skin and I had absolutely NO Reaction to Salix Alba skin care, My skin feels hydrated and plumped up, its radiant and soft, I can now just put on my BBcream and head out without having to cover up with makeup just to hide the tiredness of my skin.



Read on to the science

They have taken the gift of the unique natural salicin found within their exclusive PURE water source, and infused it with some of the world’s best known and most potent natural skincare ingredients, renowned for their beneficial effects on the skin,

Most blessed water! neither tongue can tellThe blessedness thereof, nor heart can thinkSave only those to whom it hath been givenTo taste of that divinest gift of Heaven.I stoop’d and drank of that divinest well,Fresh from the rock of ages where it ran;It had a heavenly quality to quellAll pain: I rose a renovated man!Poet Laureate Robert Southey 1774 – 1843 

A Note from SalixAlba Natural Skincare producers to explain what #SalixAlba Skin care is all about

Our dedicated team is based in the beautiful English Lake District, known worldwide for its inspiring scenery and natural pure water.

We believe that we have created the best all natural anti-ageing products available anywhere today.

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Our pure water source is close by – the most vital ingredient in our products. This water contains the only known source in the world of naturally occurring salicin. We were inspired to create a revolutionary new anti-ageing cream. The results are amazing!

Salicin is a natural beta-hydroxy acid, which ex foliates the skin by breaking down the outer layer of dead skin cells, allowing healthy cells to rise to the surface, bringing a healthy, youthful glow to the complexion.

The water comes from the English Lake District’s Cartmel Valley aquifer, renowned for its curative powers since the 12th century. This aquifer water has filtered down through the fells, once covered by prehistoric White Willow forests, which are the source of naturally occurring salicin. Many leading skincare brands use chemically derived Salicylic Acid to help regenerate the skin’s appearance, however Salix Alba Skincare is the only completely natural formulation on the market.

“We take the gift of natural Salicin from nature, and infuse the pure water with our potent, naturally active ingredients, to produce for you an all natural anti-ageing formulation of excellence.” Salix Alba Skincare comprises a carefully balanced combination of minerals, including skin enhancing calcium and magnesium, combined with natural anti-oxidants to fully replenish and revitalize skin.

In a world where chemically laden products are the norm, our market research shows that more consumers than ever are questioning their use of this type of product, and would prefer to purchase a natural alternative, which is superior in performance.

And so, after three years of intensive research, Salix Alba Skincare can now offer you the first ever all-natural anti-ageing skincare range.


Salix Alba Natural Skincare

Salix Alba Natural Skincare

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