Wearing the correct Bra can help you lose a dress size!! Read on

A quick guide to wearing the right sized bra and swimwear

One of the modules I was teaching in Ireland (before moving to the UK) through my personal styling classes was on how to fit a bra correctly.

Some of my students were a bit surprised to find this module in the course material as they figured they did not need to know how to fit a bra when trying to become a fashion stylist/Personal Shopper.

True, they didn’t, however there are a lot of stylists out there who do not know that that very vital part of dressing any woman is the most important part of styling and so as far as I was concerned all of my students were going to learn how to fit a bra professionally, after all, in styling a woman you have to start with the lingerie, how else are you going to ensure that you are choosing the right size clothing for her?

Most women I have come across are wearing an incorrect sized bra and this can actually add an extra dress size to them, they are wearing their bra either too small or the breast is not lifted so the breast sits below the chest,

All designers design their clothes around a bustier and this means that the breast is sitting in line with the muscle of the arm, that is the easiest way to explain it, so for the dress to correctly fit the lady, the bra has to hold the breast in this area, I have added a diagram below

. Notice here the bra on the left has the breast left hanging where the bra on the right has lifted the breast up to where it should be.


So, if you were trying to ensure you are wearing the right bra, how do you do it?

Remember, bra manufacturers differ in their sizes so only use this as a rough guide, once you have found a brand you like then you can select the right size for you, however if you change your brand you will have to re fit for that brand,

Correct fitting bra



A Simple guide to knowing how to measure yourself, however you must remember that not everyone has to go down a cup size when they go up in measurement in the frame, it depends on the manufacturer


I hope my short blog has been informative for you on getting to know your bra size or if you are learning how to fit bra’s for styling, Please also remember the same rules apply for bikini’s if they have an under wire,

Also there are different bras for different outfits, that’s for another blog

If you have any questions please do leave a comment,

Stay True to you!  Maureen O Halloran International fashion stylist and professional bra fitter


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