Christmas is finally hear guys and the New Year is almost upon us so Come on Lets Twist again, its the Christmas & new year party season.  here is an update for you in my  Christmas/New year party feet must haves list. I have to say it is my favourite time of year, I love the lights the tinsel, the Christmas parties and all the buzz that goes with it. There is one downside to it all and that’s even though all us busy ladies love the Christmas Parties, when those invites start coming in we soon realise OMG what are we to wear and more importantly what shoes because lets face it we all do the high heels and have paid the price of carrying our heels in our hands hopping into a taxi at the end of the night or early morning and rubbing our feet.  No matter how much we enjoyed the night out its our poor feet that still and pay the price.

I have actually come to the conclusion that most designers do not pay attention to the science of the human foot, and more importantly female feet, its all about design and what looks good but they don’t actually consider our poor feet, its like , yes squash those feet into my sexy heels and look the part but pay the price. Well ladies I have a way for you to look hot this Christmas and still eliminate the pain of the party feet. Butterfly Twists have been around for some time but for some reason a lot of you still have not copped on to what a life saver they really are!! pain free feet, Pain free party feet and feet that can party all night long! Ladies,, we got this covered, check out to see their 12 days of Christmas specials and click here to see their shoe of the day, great savings, Merry Christmas and Party on Ladies, In Comfort!! xx   Maureen

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