So the USA have a new first lady in the White House Washington DC, and no matter how much controversy surrounds the election of Donald Trump for President, you can be guaranteed that all the fashion guru’s around the world are going to be concentrating on the first Lady Melania Trump to see how she is going to turn out in the fashion stakes as the new first lady of America, will she stick to her own style which is quite feminine and elegant but perhaps the low cleavage will have to go, or will she follow in the style of past first ladies. weather we like it or not there is a certain perception of how the first lady should dress and how she appears in public for engagements and its a tradition that has come to be expected by all women who observe the first ladies.

The history of the first lady’s residing at the White House have always portrayed their image as that of  femininity, Sophistication, and class and although trends have changed over the years since Jackie Kennedy’s time who may i add was one of the biggest icons of fashion trend setters for ladies all over the world,  the one thing that has not changed is that appearing in public as a First Lady you are being observed by millions at all times, the press jump on ever appearance the first lady makes in public and Jackie Kennedy always insured that she looked a million dollars no matter what the occasion.

Michelle Obama was no different, Michelle always knew how to be trendy but also sophisticated and classy, Yes, although she is of a different generation to Jackie O,  Michelle continued to show femininity in what we always class as the Lady like sense of style.

As a child growing up my impression of style was influenced from images of Jackie O and Coco Chanel and of course My late grandmother dressed in the style of Jackie and Coco and one material type that stood out for me were the tweeds, pencil skirts, fitted jackets and fitted dresses of the 50′ and 60’s which i absolutely adored so Imagine my surprise when Irish Fashion Designer Catriona Hanly launched her amazing Lough Rynn Tweed A/W 16-17 collection at Lough Rynn Castle, Mohill, Ireland, I was blown away when I saw the collection as it brought back so many beautiful memories.

The New Lough Rynn Tweed Collection speaks volumes for sophisticated women, the stylish curves are embraced and not hidden, the 50’s feminine look is most apparent which to me was always sexy and most appealing, It reminds me of those films one would see of war time when women could not afford stockings so they would draw the black line up the back of their legs to create the look of wearing stockings, the collection embraces the female body in a way that makes her stand out from the crowd no matter where she is.

So could we tempt the New first Lady Melania Trump to try out the Lough Rynn Tweed Collection? I personally think she would look amazing in it.