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Finally Proven, Dieting Does Not Work for weight loss, But PPT Food Plans DO!

Diet, that terrible terrible word that most of us hate and that is used in so many posts on social media or in the press, all of which are designed to get you to think its the only successful option around. Massive companies promoting starvation diets, products, drinks, you name it all to get you to sign up with the promise of losing weight. Here is the problem; if you starve yourself yes, you will rapidly lose weight but there is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. You will more than likely lose muscle dropping the scales but damage your metabolism and once you eat normal again you pile the pounds back on twice as quick. It’s a vicious cycle. Well it seems a young military man PPT Fitness(Peter O Halloran) who lives ever day of his life protecting others and has many times served over seas doing just that in war torn countries in the middle east and Europe, is standing up to the money making scams of diet companies who are making millions on the emotions of those who are caught in the vicious cycle of trying to lose weight.

Peter has been in the militaryitary for over 12 Years and is qualified in health, fitness and nutrition for over 8 years, so he seems to know exactly what he is talking about on this level. Oh and by the way according to reliable sources his food plans are working for many people all over the world, we have seen the evidence and we have included a snippet below for you.

PPT FITNESS has been causing a bit of a stir with his straight forward talking and no hassle food plans which are screaming success from all who have joined his programs, and they do not involve starving yourself.

Look, everyone knows we have to eat healthy but not all of us are experts in nutrition, some of us actually spend our lives running from one post to another so we eat on the run. Not all of us know what are good foods to eat for who we are or our life styles. Some of us think we are doing great by eating very little but cant figure out why we are still not losing weight, but PPT knows exactly what you are doing wrong because he is trained to know, college trained in nutrition, fitness and body performance. Also, do you know that  your hormones and existing foodplan could also be causing your weight gain so the food you eat could increase your hormone level, bet you didn’t.

Do you know if you have Type 2 diabetes that you can actually eliminate it just by eating the right foods?  Well, some doctors in Ireland are actually praising PPT FITNESS because their patients who are undertaking a program with Peter actually have no sign of diabetes any more!! So what is PPT doing that is working for so many people? Why are PPT clients succeeding where the rest of us are failing, you really do need to read and contact PPT.

We spoke to PPT to find out how he does it,what his secret is and does it cost a fortune. You wont believe what he told us and how simple and non expensive it is.

PPT says firstly, he talks to you as an individual, gets to know what you like to do, what is your job? what is your lifestyle? do you have any health issues? are you on medications? do you get time to exercise? If not, don’t worry you don’t necessarily need to exercise to lose weight with PPT food plans, although it would be good if you did as then you would lose weight faster. According to PPT, your lifestyle needs to be assessed so that he can do up the right food plan to suit you, if you have children and a family to take care of then there is no need to cook one meal for you and another for your family,, all the family will love the meals.

Some people have lost so much weight on the food plans that they can not believe how easy it was, see below two PPT clinets who have praised PPT fitness food plans.

PPT fitness does not agree that you should lose weight too fast, if you do then you are also losing muscle and this is not a good thing and actually this can be where some people think they are doing great on a fast diet as they lose too much muscle and not enough fat.

Here is how the food plans work and you don’t need to even live in Ireland to follow the food plan service which is tailored to your needs,, it works for people all over the world.

PPT Fitness states

All plans and support is online based as I have clients in Ireland and the UK .

Doing it this way does not limit me to one area so if you are reading this from anywhere in the world and are interested the answer is yes I can help you

You send me your email address and I send you an invoice to pay online through Pay Pal which is a secure network or what ever way suits you.

Once the invoice is paid through Pay Pal then I get to work.
I gather a vast amount of info from you and based on the answers you provide me with then I design a plan for your body , for your needs.

You just need to stick to the plan for 4 weeks.
Every weekend I allow a take away and alcohol if you so wish.

You weigh in with me online every Saturday with weight and measurements .

You take pictures every week . These are a brilliant visualization of the fat loss and body change.

After 4 weeks the plan needs to be adjusted. As the body changes then so does your plan.

You do not have to train.
If you do train I will allow more food but you don’t have to.

These plans are not all salads, juices or starve yourself.
They are real food that taste great and are practical. A mother with children does not have time to make a meal for her family and a different meal for herself.
It is not a low carb diet .
Real quick foods that you can give your whole family.

This becomes a lifestyle and habits change making the weight loss permanent .
Only difference is you have to stick to the exact amounts that I have on the plan but i can tell you, You wont be hungry .

Plans starting as low as 50 Euro a month.

So There you have it, what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose except the weight and all to gain especially that fab healthy body!!