Love Your Lingerie Day London 29th September 15

Today  I had 22 lovely women who decided to have a day out with me, A Love Your Lingerie Day incorporated in a full styling session, a lot of them were very interested in taking up sports so I advised them on sports bra’s as well as non sports, Some of these women told me they actually wear their regular non support underwired  bra’s to the gym every day? Hello Ladies!!! definitely not good for your breasts!!

We met in a central London Hotel meeting room, Teas and coffees served, props at the ready and the talk starts,,, first topic, Breast care and the importance of the breast its self, The structure, the importance of the lymphs and their purpose, Underwire bra’s and the significance of ensuring you are wearing a bra that supports your breasts without damaging breast tissue or irritating the lymph-nodes.

I have to admit, quite a lot of the women were very surprised at the information contained in the talk, the number of ladies who never give their breast a second thought used to surprise me but not any more, with many many years behind me fitting bras and giving talks on breast care I am quite used to it by now.

You see ladies lets be honest, most of you are thinking of the breasts as just those things that are there to be dressed up and hidden under clothes, You dress them up when you need to, but you never consider they are full of hormones and important tissues, they are a food source for your children, they work in unison with your womb and ovaries, how many of you thought of it like this but they can also be a weapon against you,,  Ladies, when buying a bra you really ought not just run in and grab a size you think fits you and go about your day,,, here is a task for you,, run your fingers underneath your bra right now, stand up to do it,, now how many of you can feel the gap between your ribs and the bra? can you easily get your fingers under your bra?,, can you get your fingers in between the wire and your breast easily? is your bra sitting above your shoulder blades at your back, which means you get the breast drooping to the front? if you can then you need to have a refit to see if you are wearing it correctly, Many women as i have said are wearing their bras in the wrong place on their backs, quite often it is too high up their backs so get a refit as soon as you can,

How many of you ladies realise that by wearing the correct bra size and shape for your breast that you can actually go down a dress size? Yes, it is true, so please ladies pay attention to your bra fittings, avail of the free services that are now in many stores all over the country.

Now for an every day bra when you are going about your normal chores, you need to ensure the breast is supported and comfortable.

If you are into fitness and the gym then you need a lot of extra support during your training, a regular under-wire bra should never be worn while working out, that is a total No No!. You need to wear a sports bra that has been fitted correctly with no under wire.

When you move during exercise, so do your breasts. Again and again and again. This repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue that holds up and maintains the shape of your breasts. And damage here can cause your breasts to sag and droop. By properly supporting your breasts during exercise, A sports bra dramatically reduces movement in all directions. Keeping your breast in great shape.

There are many grades on the level of support, from light support to full support or high level support,

For the bigger breast lady it can be hard to find the right one, decisions decisions decisions, so I have listed a few sports bras below for you, make sure you get fitted for these also, they should fit snugly at all times. as well as the suggestions below please see the link for post mastectomy sports bras below

Sports bras for post mastectomy

Zaggora Coola Bra

Berlie Aqua Trek

Lonsdale Sports Bra

Formula 40 Sports Bra

Anita Active Extreme Control

Oakley Breath In

Shock Absorber Back Lift Support

Manuka Seamless

Shock Absorber High Neck

Berlie Fit

Panache Non Wired & Wired


Nike Pro


Hope you find at least one suitable sports bra in this list that suits you, its a personal thing so take your time to get fitted and ensure you have the correct sports bra that  you feel comfortable in.

LoveYourLingerie Stylist Maureen O Halloran, Professional Bra fitter