We all love our little summer dresses and according to statistics we could be in for a very nice summer indeed, Oh Yes, something to look forward too.

I have noticed that here in London,  the mornings are nippy but the days are starting to brighten up with lovely sunshine, But eaither way, lots of you are looking to head off to the sun for a nice holiday or maybe its a wedding and you just want to wear the halter neck dress or backless dress, I say as long as it has the high sides then ladies its all yours to fly with,, its heading for summer so I think its time to start focusing on our summer wardrobes and one of the nicest things for us ladies to throw on us is that little summer dress! Halter necks and backless at the ready,

Now To my lovely Post mastectomy ladies I know you are saying, “i cant weat those” but I say yes you can, There are loads of halter neck dresses and backless dresses that have the high sides on them, but yes, i hear you say, what about the Bra, well I have put together some styles that I think you will love and also more importantly, the Bra’s to go with them, The Multi way post mastectomy bra by is just perfect, and I was delighted to come across it when I started viewing all the beautiful Lingerie from Nicola jane.

I have worked in Lingerie for many years and have always said, any good outfits starts with the lingerie or to say it bluntly, Bridie, we really need to get the basics sorted first, the Bra!! so ladies I have captured some styles for you to view in the dress section and belero’s , You know I love my belero’s they are a little gem to finish an outfit, so the pics below will show the fab Multiway Post mastectomy bra from and ladies remember they are availabel online and also in Ireland.

The first one is for the higher halter neck and the second pic with the camisole is for the lower cut halter neck, multiway post mastectomy bra, Ladies you have every reason to look your best in the Nicola jane multiway post mastectomy bra with or without camisole, Available online and in Ireland at Bravelle Limerick, Almacare, Roches stores and Bellisima, also remember use this guid for tops also, its not just for dresses, have a wonderful fashionable summer ladies, do contact me if you need more advice x Maureen