As a fashion stylist who has worked internationally with  Designers from all over the world I would constantly find myself behind the scenes at Fashion shows in Milan, paris, London and so on organising the designers latest collections for the models to wear down the catwalk, Young Beautiful Leggy Girls with not a blemish to their faces or legs, no flaws to write home about and none more than a size 8 Max and size 8 was rare as most were size 0 which thankfully is going out of style.  It was always hectic, mayhem but also energetic, plus you were very aware that most of these models you were working with were some of the top names in the business but that wouldn’t bother you as just like you they were there to do a job and so when the show was over we laughed and moved on.

But on the 23rd of September this year at the Cambridge Roar 2017 during the House Of IKons designers fashion show  something else happened that had not happened before on any catwalk I Had worked on,  it was for me the first time I got emotional about an event and seeing models coming off the catwalk.  Post Surgery Lingerie were launching their new 2018 Post Surgery Swimwear Collection at the cambridgeroar with the House of IKons and decided they were going to do justice to their latest collection by having five beautiful post Mastectomy ladies model some of their swimwear, this meant that as well as the 6 regular models walking the catwalk they were joined by five beautiful amazing women who have gone through Breast cancer and all had mastectomies.

These five women had never walked a catwalk in their lives however they took to the catwalk with such energy and enthusiasm as if they hadn’t a care in the world, they had fun and it was truly emotional to watch.

Debbie Paton was first off the catwalk along with Amanda bentley, Jayne Roberts, Lucy hennessey and Sarah Barnes, I was behind the screen and when debbie walked off the catwalk and towards me I got emotional with pride and admiration for her and then the girls who followed and the emotion was getting the better of me, you have no idea what it meant to me to hear the excitement in those ladies voices that they had finally taken the plunge and walked the catwalk just like all the other young models and did themselves proud.

I can honestly say that working with these beautiful ladies really brought home to me how much i really enjoy working with my beautiful ladies who have lived and Kicked Cancers Butt!

All five ladies had gone through a post mastectomy surgery in the past and felt very confident wearing the New 2018 @NicolaJaneuk  Nicolajaneinstagram Nicolajane facebook   #Postmastectomy #PostSurgery #Swimwear Collection in Cambridge at the Cambridge Roar with the House of Ikons last month on the 23rd Sep 17,  A Big Thank you to Lucy Hennessey, Debbie Paton, Jayne Roberts, Amanda Bentley, Sarah Barnes for showing the young ones how its really done, You Rock ladies x Maureen #MOHLOVES